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Fixed Overdentures
Walnut Creek, CA

When you think about replacing lost or ruined teeth, you probably think about dentures - a custom fitted set of false teeth that are temporarily glued onto your gums each day. Having to remove these teeth and set them back in each day can be a hassle. They also have a tendency to shift around in your mouth during the day. Did you know that there is a permanent solution, that provides you with a stable, strong set of teeth that look and act like real teeth? If you are suffering from tooth loss, take a look at dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Surgically fused into the jawbone, dental implants provide you with a stable base on which to attach overdentures. In order for the implants to be successful, the jaw must be sufficiently stable. When you lose teeth, the bone can deteriorate. The implants can actually slow and even prevent this deterioration from occurring. In the event that your jaw has suffered from too much damage prior to implants, a bone graft may be needed. Otherwise, you can receive dental implants, and therefore overdentures, in a same day procedure.


Overdentures can be either be removable or fixed. In either case, these dentures attach to and are supported by the dental implants. Overdentures are designed for those with few to no teeth, or a set of teeth that are severely damaged due to decay. They are designed to look and act like real teeth. Removable overdentures snap or clip onto your dental implants, and you can remove them yourself in order to clean them.

Fixed overdentures are just that - they are fixed into place and cannot be removed except by your prosthodontist. There are a couple of different types offered at the Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek.

All-on-4® Treatment Concept

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept by NobelBiocare are full arches of teeth that are set on only four implants per jaw. The surgery for this procedure is same day. After you receive your implants, you will receive a temporary set of teeth that day while you heal. The recovery process takes a few months, during which you will visit your prosthodontist often to ensure that you are healing properly. Once you are completely healed, you will be fitted for and given a permanent set of teeth that cannot be removed. Only your prosthodontist will be able to do this, and that will be only for maintenance and cleaning. Read more about All-on-4® Treatment Concept

Pro Arch Implants

Pro Arch by Straumann are another set of permanent, implant supported overdentures. The Pro Arch system uses specially designed materials for their implants. These implants have a shorter healing period, due to their equipment's ability to quickly integrate into the jawbone, allowing you to receive your set of permanent overdentures faster. Read more about Pro Arch

Losing your teeth can be devastating. You could get a set of removable dentures, but these false teeth can become a hassle. Why not receive a permanent solution with a set of new set of strong, stable teeth that look and act just like your old ones, and go with dental implants and fixed overdentures? Give us a call at (925) 266-3550 to find out more. Your mouth will thank you.
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