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What is a Peg Tooth?

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Front Desk
What is a Peg Tooth?As with most anything, people have different sized feet and hands. Every single person is different. We are not carbon copies of each other. Those differences can show in eye color and hair color as well as in our mouths. Each of us have different shapes to our teeth and different colored teeth. Some are larger than others and some are smaller than others.

Peg teeth are those teeth with an abnormal shape to them and tend to affect what are known as lateral incisors in an adult's oral cavity. They appear far smaller than normal teeth and can cause the smile to look odd.

Causes of Peg Tooth

Peg teeth are usually indicative of other underlying issues and health concerns all of which can be concerning. These underlying conditions can be alarming and, in some cases, can easily be treated by common medicines.

Congenital syphilis is caused by treponema pallidum which is the bacteria which causes the infection. While the child is inside the mother's womb, she passes the infection onto her unborn child. Treated by penicillin, the infection will be taken care of, but the peg teeth will remain.

A hereditary condition known as ectodermal dysplasia can hinder the proper development of teeth. It can also affect the normal development of hair, skin, fingernails, and sweat glands.

Hypo melanosis is a rare birth defect which can also cause peg teeth to develop. This condition may also result in neurological issues.

Another hereditary disorder known as cleidocranial dysostosis can affect the development of the bones in both the collar and the skill. It causes the patient's teeth to form incorrectly and can be a contributing factor to peg teeth.

It should be noted that the treatment of peg teeth is purely cosmetic in nature. It is more to improve the appearance of the smile and to even out the size and shape of the teeth. If you need more information on your peg tooth, we are always here to answer any questions.

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