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Problems with Shifting Teeth After a Tooth Comes Out of Your Mouth

Posted on 3/20/2019 by Front Desk
Problems with Shifting Teeth After a Tooth Comes Out of Your MouthWhile you may think that you won't have any issues if you lose a tooth, you're wrong: There are many serious consequences.

This is because your teeth your teeth form a complete system that works together. As such, when one is missing it causes many of the following problems.

Your Smile and Face are Affected

Missing teeth affects your cheeks and bones because your jaw shrinks, lips wrinkle, and both your mouth and your face appear sunken – all making you look older. Of course, this can negatively impact your self-esteem by making you feel self-conscious or embarrassed, especially since modern society places such high importance on having a beautiful smile.

Your Other Teeth Shift

Your other teeth will shift out of their normal position. For instance, when you lose a lower tooth, an upper tooth may protrude into its space. This makes them harder to clean, putting you at higher risk of tooth decay, food impaction, and gum disease. When this happens, you'll need additional dental work (e.g. fillings, crowns) and may lose more of your teeth.

You Have Difficulty Eating

Depending on what tooth you lose, you may no longer be able to eat the foods you want to eat. This is because your teeth are used to tear, shred, and grind food. For instance, you may no longer be able to eat meat, bite into an apple, or digest your food properly. Ultimately, this can impact your self-consciousness making you feel reluctant to go out to eat.

You Have Difficulty Speaking

Gaps in your teeth can make it difficult to clearly pronounce some words. You may find yourself making whistling sounds when you try to do so. This is because you press your tongue against your teeth and the roof of your mouth to pronounce words – something that doesn't work well when you're missing teeth.

Are you missing teeth and need some information on how to fix the problem? Contact our office and set up an appointment to discuss your options today.
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