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Important Things To Do When A Tooth Is Chipped

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Weo Admin
A 	<br title='b11'>close up rendering of a chipped toothThere are different causes of a tooth becoming chipped, including falling and hitting the face or biting down on hard things. Regardless of the cause, any chipping of the tooth needs to be addressed quickly. Otherwise, the exposed hard tissue can deteriorate and lead to significant pain. You could also risk the entire tooth being extracted. Here are a few things you have to do when a tooth chips.

What to Do in Case of a Chipping

First, rinse the tooth gently using warm water in order to sweep away any debris. Use saltwater to rinse your mouth to address the pain. Sucking on ice pops can also help relieve pain. In case the chipped tooth contains a sharp edge, try to cover it to prevent laceration on the tongue or cheek. Biting into a gauze helps as you head to a dentist. If there are any fragments of the tooth, gather them and take them with you to the dentist. For the time being, consider consuming only soft foods and liquids. Book an appointment immediately with the dentist.

Treatment for Tooth Chipping

Treating a chipped tooth varies based on the nature and extent of damage. It also depends on whether infection or decay are present. A dentist may provide dental sealants to keep out bacteria and help in repairing the cracked tooth.

Dental fillings are also another option, especially for the back teeth. A filling is helpful if it's just a small chip without infection. If you have smaller chips within the teeth in the front area of the mouth, dental bonding may be appropriate. Additionally, veneers may be considered for chipped front teeth. Veneers cover the portion that the chipping occurred to reinstate the tooth's appearance.

When a larger part of the tooth has broken off or if there is significant decay, a dentist may utilize dental crowns. Crowns help protect the hard tissue to minimize pain and avoid additional decay. Sometimes, a root canal may be done before the placement of a dental crown. Root canals may work if the tooth has cracked into several parts or entirely broken off in a way that the pulp and nerves are exposed.

Our prosthodontist can help if your tooth has developed a chip. Talk to us today to better understand how we can deal with your chipped tooth issues and other dental problems.

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