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How to Pick the Perfect Dental Crown
Posted on 11/15/2018 by Front Desk
Many people love to shop. They want to find the perfect thing at the right price for many objects. When it comes to dental crowns, people may not think they can look at different options. They do not realize that there are different types of crowns for them to choose from. It is time to learn how to find the best crown for you. Different Types of CrownsThere are four different types of crowns for people to choose from. The types of crowns differ on their use, the way they look, the cost and the amount of time they will last. Choosing the right crown starts with understanding the different types. Making the decision for what type of crown will depend on the budget you have and the look you want. Some may like the idea of a showy gold tooth, while others will want something that blends in with their natural teeth. The strength of the crown and the cost of the crown are other factors in the decision. These are the things to consider when choosing the right crown. For more information about this contact our offices to schedule an appointment....

How to Get Used to Brand New Dentures
Posted on 10/25/2018 by Front Desk
For people who have lost their teeth due to one reason or another, dentures are a great solution that can help to give them back their smile and self-confidence. However, getting used to brand new dentures is not an easy thing, and most patients have trouble doing things like talking, laughing, and eating after getting dentures. Fortunately, these challenges are only temporary, and once you get used to them, it will be just like they are not there. If you have recently gotten dentures, or are thinking about getting them, below are a few tips on how to adjust to them. Have Realistic ExpectationsYour brand new dentures will feel like foreign objects in your mouth, and there might even be some discomfort. Due to this, most people want to get used to them as soon as possible and get back to normal. However, adjusting to new dentures is all about patience, and slow and steady is what will work. So, you should set realistic expectations, and not try to rush the process. Practice Eating at HomeBefore your mouth gets used to the dentures, eating will be a bit challenging, and it can be quite embarrassing when eating in public. Therefore, before you start eating in social situations, it is advisable to practice eating at home where there is no risk of embarrassing yourself. Practice eating with various types of food, starting off with soft foods and then progressing to the tough food. Once you are comfortable with your dentures, you can now start to enjoy eating in public. Practice SpeakingJust like with eating, speaking will be another challenge when you get your new dentures. You should therefore practice your speech as often as possible until you are comfortable. Some of the ways you can practice your speech include by reading books out loud and singing. Let Us Help You Get Used to Your New DenturesBrand new dentures can cause some discomfort to your mouth, and make simple tasks such as eating, speaking, and laughing a bit challenging. However, the discomfort is usually temporary and fades after a while. However, if you notice any problems such as prolonged discomfort and soreness, be sure to get in touch with us, your dentists, and let us help you....

How Long Do Dentures Typically Last?
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Front Desk
New dentures can be a breath of fresh air in your life. However, getting used to them is not that pleasant, and it is not something that you might want to do regularly. On top of that, dentures, while affordable, are not that cheap – if you have to replace them from time to time. It is thus not surprising that you would want to know how long your new dentures will last before getting them. Typically, dentures can last for many years – about 5 to ten, or even longer. However, their longevity varies from one person to another due to a number of reasons. Factors Affecting Longevity of DenturesThe longevity of your dentures will depend on a number of factors, which include: Reasons Why You Might Need to Replace Your DenturesAside from the above longevity factors, there are other circumstances that might affect how long you will wear your dentures. These are the circumstances that might require you to replace your dentures even if they are not damaged, and they include: Looking to Extend the Longevity of Your Dentures? Call Us Today?Good dentures can last you a long time, saving you a lot of trouble (getting used to them) and money. Get in touch with us today for more information on how you can ensure that your dentures last long....

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